Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wonderful adventuresome trip!

I had a little shoulder surgery in early May which allowed me to take off work for six wks so a week after the procedure we left for our adventure. I figured I heal much faster having fun. We just traveled with a carry on so dealing with luggage wasn't too bad for my sore shoulder. We first flew to Omaha NE where we loved visiting Winter Quarters. I absolutely loved that place. I have an ancestor that died there and it was pretty awesome to be at her gravesite. We then flew to Rochester NY and drove to Niagara Falls then over to Palmyra where we spent four days. How we loved being there! We then flew to NYC where we booked a last min 9 day cruise going up to Canada. After many very busy traveling days this was very relaxing! We enjoyed asking other passengers about their previous cruises and one lady about our age said she was on her 64th! That blew me away. We do like to cruise and feel you get a lot for your money and really really enjoyed this cruise. We had some trouble getting out of NY (we fly standby) but finally I was able to get on a flight to Cincinnati then one after that to SLC. Don. Flew later to Cinn. Then onto Phx then SLC the next am. We spent a week there while Don worked on rentals. Unfortunately, I got pretty sick there with sore throat and flu like symptoms so I could't enjoy UT like I usually do. Now I am back at work and reality. I never really felt better so a throat culture today confirmed I have had strep the past two weeks! But what a great trip and adventure! Maybe I will post pix when I feel better.

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Karen said...

Your trip sounds wonderful. Can't wait for the pictures.