Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MTC and Elder and Sister Neil L Andersen's fireside 4-15-14

We have really enjoyed our time thus far in the MTC and the Spirit here is everything we have heard and more.  I feel it is as close to heaven as is possible while on earth as are the Temples. 
Our room is very nice and the MTC is much bigger than I thought. We are on the 3rd floor and have a nice view of the Y on Y mt.   The Provo Temple is within view of the admin bldg.  It was so fun that first day to come into the MTC and be welcomed by everyone and have our name badges placed on us!  The food is wonderful and will be missed when we leave.  We have met so very many nice couples going all over the world.  We have met a few couples going to Martin’s Cove and 2 did not request to go there and do not even have a trailer.  They get to stay in nice 2 bedroom trailer that the church owns but they were needed so they are willing to go.  We are wishing there was more time during the day to take a short nap as the days really are exhausting but we are loving every minute.  We are divided into districts of 4 couples and Don was named to be the District Leader.  Another couple in our district, the Speirs, are on their 4th mission and 3rd time going to Nauvoo.  He reminds me of Grandpa Bill as he is 79 yrs old and is really sharp.  I don’t know how they have the energy to sing and dance every night in Nauvoo after serving all day. 
We were treated last night to a fireside with Elder Andersen and his wife
speaking.  This broadcast was sent to 14 other MTC's with 1900
participating.  There are 180 Sr. missionaries this week. 

Kathy Andersen - 25 yrs ago their family went to France as mission pres.  They decided as a couple to study general conf talks for home evenings.  She made a copy of the conference Ensign editions for each member of the family which included 4 children.  It was $50 and she thought that was so much to pay!  The thought then came to her 'what is it worth to you to have copies of what the living prophets say.  Our greatest blessings have come from trying to follow their advise.  Elder Andersen once asked a member of the 12 if they prepared all their talks.  He said I speak what comes to my mind except for general conference and usually have about 15 drafts for each talk.  How many times should we read those talks???  The words of the prophets, seers, and revelators are the words H.F. would have them say.

NLAndersen- Thankful for couples service and it is important to this great work.  Prayed about what to say tonight and articles in recent newspapers came to mind about how America is more skeptical of biblical events.  We are living in a world that is moving away from spiritual things.
-The Doctrine of Christ - how to teach so it will never leave us.
- Power of the Book of Mormon Mor 7: 8-9 great teacher of the Atonement - deep into your bones and never separate yourselves from it 2 Ne 31
-Embracing the Atonement
-Think of Christ and act as He would
-Atonement verses:  Alma 34:13-15, 3 Ne 11:9-11, Alma 26:16, Mosiah 3:5-8 King Benjamin on tower
-Testimony of the Book of Mormon which testifies of Christ 3 Ne 27:14-16 lifted up, Alma 7:7, 11-12, Mos 15 Abinadi
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