Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday at the MTC

We were privileged to attend sacrament meeting with Pres Uchtdorf as the only speaker.  He spoke about Christ and the Atonement then Peter and how he was so valiant after he denied him thrice.  He spoke about losing his fear and how as missionaries we should not have fear.  It was an amazing meeting.  He had time to go up and down a few rows after it was over and shake hands and we were able to shake his hand.  I will never forget how he gazed into my eyes for longer than a second as we shook hands.  It was an amazing experience - one that I will never forget.  I am not one to relish meeting celebrities or even the Pres of the US but this was a very spiritual experience.

We had dinner at Mary's with their family and Heidi's family also came and had a delicious dinner for us.  Allan and Susie and kids also came over to tell us goodbye.

Pres Hacking and Pres Nally of the TMC Mission presidency spoke at our farewell devotional.  Don actually knew Pres Hacking from his Orem ward.  He said we will be somebody's missionary and to always keep their trust.  He said it has been 6 yrs since a member of the first presidency has spoken at the MTC so Elder Uchtdorf's coming today was a big deal.

We had another fireside after that and Richard I Heaton spoke who is a director of something at the MTC.  He showed the clip 'Because of Him'  which is very powerful and popular on fb and YouTube.
He then called up Elder Lau from Hong Kong who hasn't been a member very long and an interpreter was used.  It was so interesting to listen to him.  At the close of the last fireside We talked with Pres Nally about ten minutes at the urging of my friend, Lisa Barnes.  I love that man and his wife!  What a marvelous spirit he has.

God is gathering His children in these last days!

We enjoyed touring the visitors center today so very much.  The call center is amazing where sister missionaries chat and call people from all over the world.  They even have kneel down prayers with them.  I met a man from China and told him I have been to China and Don took our picture!

I can't really put into words what the MTC experience has been like this past week.  We only have 1.5 more days!   I wish our children and grand children could experience even a portion of our week.

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