Monday, May 5, 2014

Unfortunely, it takes forever, literally hours to download pictures here on their very slow internet.  If you want to keep up on our mission you may want to get on facebook (search for Susan Cluff Meier) and see my updates.  We are having a wonderful time working and playing very hard.  We are assigned to campground 66 two days a week which is where families and visitors camp when they visit (not trekkers.)  We have trekked twice with leaders who will be bringing their youth to Martin's Cove, about 7 miles. 
Lots of antelope here

There are 3 amazing statues before you reach Martin's Cove

 Veil bridge
Who is this good lookin' Elder??

Very very windy on top of Indepence Rock

Independence Rock

We hiked into Devil's gate

Names in Devil's Gate

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