Sunday, May 25, 2014

Rocky Ridge!

Friday we walked up Rocky Ridge as a group.  It had rained the night before so there was so much mud!  Each foot seemed to weigh about 10#!  That was the worst part.  It was about 10 mi rt.  it was pretty fun to be together doing that.  They reenacted the Jens Nielsen story with the sister pulling the handcart up the hill.  Very sweet story and you realized in a hurry she had help from angels.  We were treated with a yummy spaghetti  dinner at 6th crossing on our return.  
Today we had Pres Lorimer speak to us in a fireside.  I could listen to him speak forever!  He spoke about Pres Hinckley and what a sweet fireside it was.  He said Pres. H said Bodil has blue eyes.  I just love the Second Rescue story!  
I feel like I am in Heaven having a very long near death experience.  Even the times like hosing off bird poop from tables and helping Don with servicing coolers are great!  I wish all my family could come here and experience this and hear the stories!
Yesterday we were on the VC and very busy!  I love serving there.  I am amazed how I am able to tell the stories and take people through the VC like I really know what I am doing!  Elder Meier loves it too.    I love so many people here and love this mission so much!  We had quite the lightening storm here last night and rain and I was so grateful to have a trailer.  

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